About Us

We utilise in-house development to be able to provide affordable, reliable and unbeatable university teaching solutions. By utilising an in-house development model we can provide ongoing and reliable support. We invest time in understanding your requirements to provide an excellent user experience. Our ISO certified developers along with dedicated project managers allows us to generate more tools and ideas for your products. The platform is customisable which allows it to compliment all University teaching styles.

Our team consists of qualified pharmacists working across the spectrum of the pharmacy profession. Our ethos to provide affordable, high-quality training material for undergraduate pharmacy students is what inspired us to create The Undergraduate Pharmacist. We believe in empowering the next generation of pharmacists supporting them to become safe, knowledgeable and motivated practitioners of the future.

Meet Our Team

Dr Victoria Hutter is Associate Professor and Team Leader for Undergraduate Pharmacy Practice at the University of Hertfordshire. With experience across hospital, community, industrial pharmacy and academic sectors, Victoria ensures the training material is up to date with the current challenges in pharmacy and remains relevant to the GPhC registration assessment framework. With significant experience in undergraduate and postgraduate learning and teaching, exam preparation and question writing and review, Victoria ensures students are supported through their learning journey with detailed answers and individualised feedback to develop as reflective, competent pharmacists.

Narinder Kaur-Bring completed her master’s in pharmacy and went on to work as a Clinical Pharmacist specialising in diabetes before transitioning into academia. She teaches at several educational institutions, including UCL. Narinder works to explain both essential and complicated concepts using a byte-size approach and informative lecturing style.

Ketan Ladva is a Visiting Lecturer, clinical pharmacist and entrepreneur. Ketan has lectured on key important topics such as anti-microbial stewardship, pre-registration training and pharmacy business. During his undergraduate years, Ketan aspired to combine his business acumen with his education to bring innovation to pharmacy. Ketan is a strong believer in giving back to his roots and is a fellow of the mental health charity Reconnect. He thrives on being able to inspire the next generation of pharmacists.

Manvir Assi – Community pharmacist and entrepreneur. During his pre-registration year, he found it difficult to find useful information and lacked structure and guidance on how to approach the year. Due to these shortcomings, Manvir’s main goal was to provide educational material to pre-registration pharmacists clearly and concisely. Such that the next generation of pharmacists would not have to struggle as he did. Like the rest of the team, he has a host of experience in teaching. He has also delivered presentations to ageUK about the importance of pharmacy and their roles in aiding the elderly.